Monday, November 8, 2010

Numbers ( Part 14 )

What I saw was horrible.
There, just in front of me, was a black dog. But it wasn´t a normal dog, because his eyes where completely black and it had giant theet. When I turned to see Jasper that seemed to be "pasted" in the wall of the plane, in the Camera was one of those black men pushing him with his hand against the wall.
- Leave us alone! - I screamed
Immediately, the dog barked showed his big theet and saw me, furious.
- Jerry! Help me! - Jasper shouted to me, frightened
Suddenly, all those men saw me at the same time. Then, one of them smiled to me. I was terrorized, feeling trapped. Feeling indefense.
- What do you want from us?!? Leave us alone! - I repeated, screaming
All the people in the plane seemed so confused, looking at me like if I was crazy, because, to them, I was screaming to the air. Then, the men that smiled to me, answered:
- If you want... - he said with an horrible smile.
I felt a sensation of panic so big. Immediately, every single of those men disappeared. But something was wrong, out of place.
- They just disappeared? - I asked, shaking - that simple? -
Suddenly, something pushed the plane. Something big, and then all of the passengers felt the same thing.
- We are falling down! - I screamed
Immediately, Jasper and I ran to the front of the plane, to the pilot cabin. But the he wasn´t there.
- The pilot has disappeared!! - Jasper said, horrorized
- Calm down! I think I can fly this thing - I said
I sat down in the chair, and started to think.
- Hmm, move this thing up to fly down, move this thing down to fly up! - I remembered
- Quickly, Jerry! We are falling down to the ocean, don´t you remember!?! -
- OK! -
Then, I started to pilot. Immediately, the plane straightened.
- It worked, Jasper! - I said, full of happiness
- You saved us, Jerry! -
- Now, to Madrid! - I said
                                                                                                        Made by Je45rry
( Pat 15 coming soon )


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  3. I tried to use it, but it appeared in the left side... I am trying to get a way to move it to the Center. I really like it, so I will use it in special events. Thanks! :D