Friday, November 5, 2010

Newspaper #264!

 Hello penguins! Yesterday Club Penguin released the #264 edition of the Newspaper. In this edition, Club Penguin talks about the Sorm. If you didn´t know, the storm is still in the Island even when the Halloween Party has finished, just as Gary predicted some weeks ago! Gary also tell us that never rained before in Club Penguin, so if it does it would be the first time ever in the Island. And this also give us some ideas, because if it never rained in Club Penguin before, we can´t know what a Rain can cause in the Island! Many proofs of Card - Jitsu Water have been given already, and my suggestion is the Next one: If it rains, something in the Island can flood. Sensei would approach that opportunity and he could create Card - Jitsu Water! Here are the upcoming events:
- November 11: Igloo Catalog and New Igloo Items.
- November 19: Newspaper Announcement  and New Play at Stage!
Thanks and see you later!

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