Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Mystery week! ( Day 1 )

Hello penguins! Maybe you remember the last "special week" I made. Well, that was the only one because I was very busy. But now that I can, I a organizing the Mystery Week from today ( November 2 ) to November 8! ( Yes, I know that I would have made this week in October, but I couldn´t, but anyway, November is also a mysterious month ) I will be posting things and events that have been changing the human´s mind through time and their form to see the World of different parts of the world. The next event is from Mexico. The event of today is:
                                                                 The Legend of la Llorona
All began in the Colonial period. Mexico´s capital, the Federal District, was a nice place. All their habitants lived well, and happy. But that couldn´t stay forever....
There are many versions of this legend, but the next one is the most credible:
Once upon a time lived a really beautiful woman, named Marisa. Many where the man that went to his house to see her all the day, all days. But, all nights, she went out to see a man. This man was rich and good with others, and he felled in love when he saw Marisa for the first time, and Marisa also with him.
One day, no one founded Marisa in his house. All the people searched her in all the City, but no one found anything. According to the Legend, she went to another place to live with that men, now married. They had three children. All of them lived happy, until one day all changed.
The men went sick of a strange virus. Marisa couldn´t do anything, and in a couple of days her husband died, leaving her alone with his three children, poor and sad. One day, she taked them in a boat, saying that they will go to a ride to the River. But when they arrived, Marisa pulled them to the water, and they died drowned. She, repenting of what he had done, went to the City, screaming and crying in the streets, plazas and everywhere. When the people noticed what she made, they sentenced to death. And she died.
But, since that night, people started to hear a woman screaming in the Streets: ¡¡¡AHHH MY CHILDREN!!!
This scream could be here in every house of the city, terrorizing all the people. This happened every night. When the people heard the Church´s bells, all of them ran to their houses, closing their doors and windows to pray. But one night, no one heard the screamings, and since that night, no one have heard Marisa, searching her children.

What do you think about this legend? Send a comment with your opinion! Do you have any scary testimonial that you would want to tell us, or any scaring story? If you do, send it to my penguin e-mail: je45rry@hotmail.com See you later!

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