Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Card - Jitsu Water here!

Hello penguins! Guess what? Club Penguin has just released Card - Jitsu Water! Yes! Let´s go first to the Dojo Courtyard: here the place is very decorated... I like the water in the Ninja Hideout´s entrance :) As you can see, the Card Jitsu Fire video has been replaced, and now, instead, the Card Jitsu Water has been placed. Now, let´s enter the Ninja Hideout!

This place is also very decorated... as you can see, there´s a new crypt with the Water Symbol that has "NEW GAME" in it. If you click it, the Waterfall´s entrance appears... just like the Volcano´s one. In the GIF animation you can see how the hideout looks with both entrances up. Cool, right? I guess why is the Water symbol at the floor not shining...

Yes, I will repeat: I am not member, so I toked this photo from a SWF ( thanks Loulou11207! ) It looks very awesome, and look! There´s the fish! The Ninja with the rubber duck is funny....

This new game is very different of Card - Jitsu and Card - Jitsu Water! I think that this one is even more funny than the other one. You have to avoid falling down, and to do this, you have to activate elements to destroy the obstacles that are in front of you. Also, in other news, Flipper14354 made a Card - Jitsu Water code giveaway and I won! Thanks Flipper14354! When I unlocked the code, I got four new cards. This is an image of my new cards:

Thanks and see you later!

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