Saturday, November 20, 2010

Photos ( Part 2 )

15 years later, Washington D.C., USA. November 19, 2010

- Ok, Ricky, Thanks! - I said through the telephone just in time my mom entered the room.
- With who where you talking? - she asked
- With Ricky, mom -
- Ricky? The boy that is in your Science´s project team? -
- Yes -
- So, he could bought the materials that you and him need? -
- Yes, finally. Hey mom, I think is very late... I will going to sleep, ok? Tomorrow I have a Math Exam -
- Ok, Jerry. Good night -
- Good night, mom -
I waked up early in the morning by my cellphone´s ringing. Someone was calling me.
- Hello? - I said, tired
- Jerry? - I heard Ricky´s voice.
- Ricky? What happens? -
- Jerry, you have to go to the School right now. Something bad happened... -
I got ready as fast as I could and immeditaly, my mom taked me to the school. When we arrived, we where really confused.
Students, the Police, the Ambulance, the paramedics, detectives and the Forensic Medical Service where all around the school.
- What happened, Jerry? -  my mom said
- I don´t know... -
I got out of the car and I saw Ricky going to me.
- Jerry! Finally you are here! -
- What happened, Ricky? -
- You don´t know? -
- Know what? -
- The principal is dead! -
I got shocked.
- What?!? -
- Yes, sadly that´s the true... The School´s cleaner says that, last night, when he was going to leave the school, he saw Mr. Carl walking through the Hallway. He went to the bathroom, and when he got out he didn´t saw Mr. Carl, so he thought that he leaved the School already. He went out and closed the School. -
- What happened next? -
- This morning, when he opened the School´s door, he received an horrible surprise. -
- What did he saw? - I asked, temerous
- What do you think he saw, Jerry? - said Ricky with a sarcastic and a sad face. Then he continued:
- He doesn´t want to talk about it. He said that he found Mr. Carl dead. -
- Anything else? -
- Only one more thing... -
- What? -
Ricky made a pause and said:
- Something about a photo... -
                                                                                                       Made by Je45rry
( Part 3 coming soon )