Sunday, November 21, 2010

Photos ( Part 4 )

But I entered in panic when I saw that he was carrying a camera with him.
- Hurry up, Ricky... - I said, temorized.
- Ok, ok... - he said
We entered Ricky´s mom car and we went to his house. 
- This is your house, Ricky? It so nice! - I said, surprised
- Thanks, Jerry! - he said with a smile
- Ok, boys, I will be here making dinner, you and your friend can go upstairs to begin in the project - said Ricky´s mom
- It´s ok, mom - said Ricky
We went up to Ricky´s room. It was very nice.
- Nice room, Ricky! -
- Thanks, Jerry - he said again
When we sat down to began working, Ricky remembered the Brown Pack.
- Jerry, do you want to see what´s in the pack? - said, excited
- I don´t really know, Ricky... it is strange.... -
- Ricky, I have something to tell you... - I said
- What? -
- One police accidentally dropped this in the School´s parking lot. -
I toked the photo out of my pocket.
- What is it? -
- A photo, Ricky... -
- Lets see it... - he said
- Ok - I said
But when we saw the photo, we couldn´t move.
The photo was blurry in the sides, and in the center was something horrible.
There was Mr. Carl in the hallway, covering him with his hands, trying to protect him from something.
- Wha... What´s this?!? - Ricky said, confused
- It´s horrible, Ricky! - I said
- But, what are those blurry things on the sides? -
- I don´t know, but it seems like if the photo was toked to a great velocity... -
- To a great velocity, to Mr. Carl? - said Ricky temorized
- Also, in the photo Mr. Carl appears in the School´s hallway.... -
- The place where the School´s cleaner found him... dead. -
- This is strange and terrorizing, Ricky! - I said
- Obviously! -
I observed the brown pack. It was now extremely blurry.
- Ricky... let me see what´s in the pack... - I said, shaking
- Are you sure, Jerry? I don´t think that is a good idea... -
- Yeah, I have to see it -
When I touched the pack, I saw that the lights where shutting off.
- Jerry....- said Ricky, shaking
When I opened the pack, there seemed to be an Earthquake in the room. All the things began to fall to the floor.
Then all stopped.
There, in the pack, was another photo.
                                                                                                  Made by Je45rry
( Part 5 coming soon )


  1. This story is realy crreper!
    I whant to read more!

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  4. @JT: Ok! :D
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