Saturday, November 6, 2010

Mystery Week! ( Day 5 )

Sorry for not posting day 3 and 4, I was very busy.

                                                                                The Silence Zone
The Silence Zone is located in the North of Mexico, in a desert. It is a very strange place. It has almost the same characteristics as the Bermuda Triangle. The Silence Zone has also many reports of strange things happening around. But, why is it named the Silence Zone? Here is the answer:
When you enter the Silence Zone, all your electronic artifacts like watches, cellphones and cars turn off. The radio shuts down and there´s no signal. When you try to turn on something it doesn't works. The Silence Zone is the place with more heat than in other place on Earth. Many think that this is the reason of the strange animals that live there. Orange rabbits, blue cactus and many other unusual animals have been founded there. Also many reports of little meteorites have been given, because it has a special amount of magnetism and gravity.
Other reports of UFO ( Unknown Flying Object ) have caused that many people think that the Silence Zone can be a paranormal place. Many scientists think that, with its characteristics, it would be a great place to form a Laboratory and a Nuclear Plant. It is located at parallel 27, one of the most mysterious parallels in all the planet. Scientists are investigating to reveal the reasons of all the strange things that happen there, but meantime it will be a Mystery.
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