Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Photos ( Part 5 )

There, in the pack, was another photo.
It seemed to be really old. It sides where yellow and it seemed to be torn in some places, and it was upside down. We looked each other and then I said:
- Do you want to see the photo? -
- I don´t think so... - said Ricky - and if it has something worse? -
- We don´t know... - I said
I moved my hand to the photo, disposed to turn it around and see what it had, when Ricky stopped me.
- No, Jerry! I don´t want to see it! -
- But if it has something important? Something that can help us to know what happened to Mr. Carl? -
Ricky saw me with a temorized face and then he said:
- Turn it. -
When I touched the photo, I felt cold. Then, I turned it.
We where horrorized.
I can´t explain exactly what I saw in the photo, but I can only say that there appeared a girl, like of 16 years, dead in an alley.
- Wha... what kind of photo is this?!? I said horrorized and shaking -
Then we felt something strange. Cold. Extremely cold. I could notice how the lights where shutting off again.
Then we heard something. Something big and loudy, like a thunder, in the street.
We immediatly went down the stairs, and we got out to the street. It was really cloudy, and cold...
Then we see him. The same man I saw at the school´s parking lot. It was smiling to us, showing up his yellow and old theet. This time, when I saw that the  man was still carrying his camera, I was completely temorized.
Then he began to walk to us, slowly. But then he seemed to walk faster. Then faster.
- Run, Ricky! - I screamed
We began to run all across the street, without knowing where to go. But one thing was clear:
We had to avoid that man.
When I turned my head around to see if the man was still there, I almost screamed.
The man was only two meters behind us. 
We ran even more faster, until we arrived to the shop that was in a street corner. We entered it, hardly breathing.
- We... we lost him? - said Ricky, excited
- I think so - I said
I remembered the photos, and then I thought about the man, and his camera.
- Ricky, do you know something else about Mr. Carl´s death? - I said
- No, the School´s cleaner didn´t said me anything else. Why do you ask, Jerry? -
- I have to talk with him -                 
                                                                                               Made by Je45rry
( Part 6 coming soon)

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