Friday, November 19, 2010

Planet Y at Stage, New Neswpaper and Announcement!

Hello penguins! Guess what? The very famous play "Space Adventure, Planet Y", after many months, is back! Yes! Now, let´s go to the Stage to see it! There you can find several things: a spaceship, a cleaning - robot, a living room, etc.! Here you can have so much fun by clicking the Switchbox 3000.

Also, have you seen the new newspaper? It is so large! I think that I prefer the old design.... this is kinda confusing, don´t you think? Well, in this new edition ( #266 ) Club Penguin talks about the really soon arrivement of Card - Jitsu Water! This are the upcoming events:

- Starting now: New Postcards!
- From now to November 25: Water Dojo construction!
- Starting from November 25: Card - Jitsu Water!
- From November 16 - 24: Water Scavenger Hunt

Awesome, right? In other things, I have an announcement to make. As you may seen in my last post, the story "Numbers" have finished. As you may have understand, this story talks about two boys that tries to save their planet for a possible destruction by some numbers that appeared in many parts. In their way, their enemies attack them several times, trying to stop them. At the end, they understand that those people that where attacking them ( with the purpose of move forward their inventions) where from other planet, and that the name of those strange people where "Humans". ( So those stranage men where the humans )
This story shows our persistence on trying and trying to move forward our inventions, but we have to take care of ourselves. In real life, this means that we don´t have to abuse of our resources, like nature. Thanks for all that read my story! ( If you want to read it again complete I have made a new page named " CPI Library" )

I am working on a new story. This time it is going to be a suspense and terror story, and it will be named "Photos". Maybe you are thinking, why "photos"? Well, you will know it reall soon... See you later!

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