Saturday, September 17, 2011

Sneak Peeks: The Fair 2011!

Hello everyone! I know I didn't posted anything last week, and I am really sorry for that. I have been very busy with homework, school, normal life, and things like that; and I can't post very much. Well, Happy77 posted yesterday a new Video in Club Penguin's Community Blog. It is about the upcoming fair! As you may know, the Fair is a special event that happens once in a year, and it is full of Mini - Games, prizes, and parties, like a real - life Fair! Also, Rockhopper comes to celebrate with us! We can play, go to exclusive ( member only ) rooms such as the "Great Puffle Circus". Also we can get free party items, and new stamps! I amk sure that the Fair will be full of awesome new stamps. The Video shows us features of the fair, like the Puffle Paddle game ( which can be played also in Club Penguin's Wii Videogame: "Club Penguin Game Day" ) and many others. Here is the video if you haven't seen it already:

Awesome, right? If you noticed, at second 0:13 we can see that the Brown Puffle has been added to the Great Puffle Circus team! For those who don't know, the Great Puffle Circus shows one puffle of every color ( yet discovered ) and they shows us their special and funny abilities! The problem is that it is for Member - Only :( Well, did you liked the video? I did! But for those who don't know yet, there's a secret link in it. I was looking the video when I noticed an interesting square at second 0:02, and I paused the video. The square was showing the Stadium, and I clicked it. It redirected me to another Club Penguin Video! In it, Happy77 shows us a brand - new feature of the Fair: the Bumber Cars! In real life, Bumper Cars are little cars made for children that resist crashes. They are made to have fun! I think this will be awesome. I hope that it won't be for Members - only... but maybe it will. Well, here is the video if you didn't found it yet. Thanks for reading, and see you later in Club Penguin! :D

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