Monday, September 5, 2011

Someone Else ( Part 13 )

- Sarah??? -
Jerry couldn't believe it. She was right there, in the other side of the Kitchen. But there was no sign of his mom anywhere.
- Hello, Jerry - said Sarah.
Jerry was in shock. That wasn't the words he was expecting to hear. Sarah's voice wasn't normal; it was like a very soft and transparent voice, just like an echo. She was wearing the same clothes when Jerry saw her for the first time.
- What are you?!? Where's my mom?? - said Jerry, shaking
- Be careful, Jerry! She can--
By a strange reason, Victor didn't finished his sentence, and he just went still.
- What do you want??? -
Sarah saw Jerry just in the eyes, with a dissapointing face. Then she said with the same strange voice:
- Isn't it obvious? I want the glasses back - 
- Back? What are you trying to say?? I found them, not you!! -
- You don't understand, right? We need the glasses. They belong to us - 
- Us??? Do you mean there are more "people" like you? -
- Of course I do. All those people that you and your friend saw in those Black Glasses are my friends. My family. -
- I don't understand anything, Sarah! -
- I see. In that case, let me show you - 
I can't explain very well what happened next. It was like a rare type of vision, but I will tell you just the way Jerry saw it, so try to imagine something like this:

April 26, 1954. London, UK. 

Everything is blurry, there are no colors. We can barely see a tree without leaves, maybe by the freezing winter. The image seems to turn more clear. Now we can notice that there's a lantern next to the tree, that illuminates the area with white light. There's also a fountain next to the tree, but there's no water in it. The buildings, the cars and the sky begin to appear, slowly. Everything is so real that it seems to be from a movie. The colors start to appear, gaining intensity every second, showing a grey sky without sun and a dry grass. Just when everything seems to be normal, one more figure  appears. 

A girl, with a pink dress, a red diadem and a beautiful black hair, suddenly appears in the vision. She begans to walk slowly to the tree, with a sad face. She seems to be worried by something, but we don't know why. She suddenly stops walking, and then she sits in the grass, making a little noise. Then she starts crying, but by an unknown reason, we can feel her pain. We can feel an extreme sadness, that we start to cry too. But then, another figure appears in the scene. It's a man, that is wearing the usual clothes of that time. But there's something that calls our attention. A brown bag begans to appear in the man's hand, showing us that he is carrying something. The girl soon notices his pressence, and she stands up, clearing her tears. 

- Hi again, Sarah - says the man, with the same echo voice Jerry heard some seconds ago - What are you doing here? - he asks, with a curious face.
- Umm, nothing, Benjamin. I only came here to think - says Sarah
- Well, I came here to show you something very important - says Benjamin. 
Benjamin searches in his brown bag for something, until he founds it. But Sarah, like us, can't believe what she is seeing. 2 pairs of glasses soon begins to appear: 1 black glasses and 1 white ones. 
- These are for you - says Benjamin, giving the black and the white glasses to Sarah.
We can feel excitement, as the same time Sarah takes the glasses.  
- Thanks, Benjamin! - 
- I have modificated them, Sarah. I heard that your brother dissapeared some days ago, so I made this glasses myself. Please don't ask me how, but the white glasses will show you some things, including your greatest desire. In this case, your brother - 
We can see how Sarah's face turns to be dissapointed to confused. We can feel it.
- But how I will know where's him? - she asks
- Once you put them on, you will know - 
Sarah soon changes his face to a happy ( but still impressed ) one. We can feel her happiness, that we smile, feeling joy and hope.
- And, what does this black glasses do, Benjamin? -
- Sarah, I will tell you, but I will need you to keep it as a secret - 
- Benjamin, what's going on? - 
- These black glasses are quite different from the white ones. They will show, to the person that is wearing them, unexpected things - 
- Like what? - 
- Alive people, like us -  
And in that moment, everything vanishes. 

Created by Je45rry. Final part coming soon!

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