Saturday, June 18, 2011

Music Jam 2011 here!

Hello everyone! I'm sorry for posting this late, I was busy with some school and other things... well, guess what? The party most musical is already here in Club Penguin Island! And yes, I am talking about the Music Jam Party! Yes! To start, everyone knows that during the Music Jam there are many new things in the Island, some of them are new stages, completely new music, contests, special events and new rooms, and the great Penguin Band! As many penguins know, the Penguin Band is a group of special penguins that form a band, the one that represents all the Club Penguin Island. They always make their shows out of the Island, in the Iceberg. The Penguin Band is composed of 4 penguins which names are: G Billy, Petey K, Bob and Franky. Sometimes you will see them in the Iceberg, other times not, and some other times you will see some of them walking in the Island! Now, here are te places I recommend you the most to visit:

- Night Club
- Iceberg
- Pizza Parlor
- Coffee Shop
- Casa Fiesta ( for members only! )
- Cove
- Rooftop ( for members only! )
- Lighthouse

I really like the Pizza Parlor and the Coffee Shop, because their designs are really awesome and interesting. There you can have a great time with your friends making a concert! As you may know, the Casa Fiesta ( you access through the Ski Village ) is based on a Special Mexican room which, in spanish is, well "Casa Fiesta". The "Casa Fiestas" where really popular in Mexico during the 1830 - 1920, but since that time they began decreasing, to make other new places like shops, offices, and things like that ( mostly in the North part of Mexico ) Oh yes, Mexico has their own big cities! So, the day of today "Casa Fiestas" are only located in the Central and South Part ( mostly in the South Part ) of the Mexican country. It's a really nice idea to make a "Casa Fiesta" in Club Penguin during this party, don't you think? What do you think about all this? What do you like the most of this party? What's your favorite Club Penguin song? And what's your favorite room? Please send a comment with your opinion! Thanks for reading and see you later!

NOTE: This is the post #400 in the blog! Thanks to everyone to visit my blog, I am really happy! :D

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