Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Club Penguin Bugs: What's happening?

Hello everyone! I'm sorry by not posting these last days, I am having trouble connection with my computer. Well, today I'm going to talk about some unusual things that have been happening last weeks ( or maybe even months ) in Club Penguin. I'm pretty sure that you have already heard more than once the word "bug", right? Yes! In this post I will talk about Club Penguin Bugs. But no those type of bugs that are insects. I mean Club Penguin System's Bugs. To start, what is a system bug? It is a problem that a website, program, archive and things like that have by an internal or external cause. I mean, bugs are problems that can be occasionated by a virus, an error in the system and so on. Club Penguin Bugs are quite different, as you may see. They are some problems in the "Island", like when you can't buy an item, when there is wrong music in a room, when a penguin isn't visible, or even when special items don't work well. Those, and more, are Club Penguin bugs. But as many of you may have noticed, these bugs are being exceeding their capacity these last weeks. Bugs and bugs are appearing each day in Club Penguin, and the question is: What's happening? Well, there are many answers for that question. But one of them is the most logic: the attempt of renewing Club Penguin's website domain. As many of you know, some days ago Disney tried to renew Club Penguin's domain ( which actually is http://clubpenguin.com ) But that day something went wrong. And guess what happened? The domain dissapeared! Instead, a merchandise website taked its place! So no penguins could access to the system. I imagine the terror of the Club Penguin Team when this happened :/ Fortunately, the system came back, but for some days there where some penguins that couldn't access to it still. And since that day, many bugs began to appear in the website, like the ones I mentioned at the begging of this post. Here is a list of all the bugs that are being reported to Club Penguin:

- Newspaper Bugs ( in process )
- Nintendo DS Games Bugs ( in alert! )
- Logging - in Bugs ( fixed )
- Registering Bugs ( in process )
- Membership payments Bugs ( fixed )
- Igloo Bugs ( fixed )
- Puffle Adoption Bugs ( fixed )
- Game Bugs ( fixed )
- Welcome items Bugs ( in process )
- And more... :/

So, what's happening? According to some researches I made in the Internet, this should be cause of the attempt of changing the domain. Those hours ( or maybe days ) that Club Penguin's system was down, some of the programs the Club Penguin Team was working at ( this could be fixing, updating or deleting ) went "crazy". This means they where with NO control, and they could be causing several bugs in the system. If you don't understand very well this, I will explain it in other words: While Club Penguin's system was down, many programs may have problems because they where NOT controlling them. This may have caused several problems to many other programs that should be involved within. Did you understand? :) Well, now there are many things to be worried at. One of them are the dissapointment of Club Penguin members, because those moments Club Penguin was down was taking them time to play with their memberships that they paid for with real money. But I think that Club Penguin has already offered an award: they extended the Music Jam party 1 week more! Yay! This should bring more time to penguins to enjoy the Music Jam party more than expected. But, aha! I think the Club Penguin Team must have made this not only for us penguins, for them too! Why? Because it should bring them more time to prepare the Adventure Party! Well, it is not a bad idea to extend the Music Jam party, Billybob :) Now, what do you thinl about all this? Send a comment with your opinion! Thanks for reading and see you later in Club Penguin Island! :D

To report a Bug, go to:


Guess what, penguin friends? I e-mailed the Club Penguin Team ( through fanmail@clubpenguin.com ) to know more about Club Penguin Bugs, I mean what can we do to improve the system and avoid bugs, and things like that. Though Club Penguin bugs don't seem to be avoidable, I thought that there has to be something that we can do to improve the system quality, right? But one of the things we can do is reporting the bugs to Club Penguin so they can work on it as soon as possible. Here is what a member of the Club Penguin Team answered to me ( to je45rry@hotmail.com ) as the response of my e-mail:

<< Thanks for writing in to us here at Club Penguin. It's always great to hear from our penguin buddies... especially particularly inquisitive ones such as yourself! I understand that you're wondering why bugs occur on a site. In this case, I can tell you that bugs and glitches could have many different causes. This is why our tech team is dedicated to looking into the issues that are occurring, trying to discover the cause and actively pursuing a resolution. 

Often, bugs will occur when an update happens on the site. Also, and to answer your second question, we've found that many of our players have found it useful to clear their internet cache when experiencing a bug. Though bugs are unavoidable, this will ensure that everything is loading the best it can. To clear your internet cache, you can follow the steps for your web browser located at this link (perhaps check this over with your parent or guardian): 


Once you have finished clearing your cache, please completely close your web browser to make sure all of the old files are removed. And remember, if you ever notice a bug scuttling around the island, be sure to let us know about it so that we can squish it right away! >>

Thanks for those recommendations! I am sad by reading that bugs are unavoidable in Club Penguin... well, though I think that clearing our cache will not help so much to disappear bugs from our computer.... usually bugs are fault of the website, not of the computer. If you are going to clear your cache, make sure that you don't have very important things saved that could disappear when clearing your computer's cache. Also, I can't still access Club Penguin through my normal computer, and though I cleared my cache, I can't still access to the system. I have to access to the system through other computers that work, because it seems that that bug only affects my computer :/ Well, there's something very right in the e-mail: if you notice of a bug, you must contact Club Penguin Team ( through the link I already added in this post ) so they can fix and squish it as soon as possible, so they don't make any more problem to other penguins. Thanks for reading this and see you later in Club Penguin Island! :D

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