Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Reviewed by You: Adventure!

Hello penguins! Guess what? Billybob just posted in Club Penguin´s Community Blog the "Reviewed by You" of this week! It is named "Adventure!" ( I think that they give that name by a very special Party that's coming up soon ) Last week's question was about what special moments did you had with a very helpful friend, who has helped you several times, in special occasions and that you are very loyal to. Can you remember all the things I said last "Reviewed by You!" post? That there are many ways to help a friend! Some of them are very easy, like giving them a Tour by the Island, helping them to collect a special Stamp that they really want or just even play with them in a game to earn some coins! Others need more patient and comprehension, like helping them to get out of a problem they have. Those are helpful friends ( or good friends ) Now, Jellybug2000´s comment was selected! Congratulations! Here is what he/she said about:

Someone who has been helpful to me has been one of my good friends Jennatlc. She showed me around Club Penguin and she helped me with quests along the way! We have done everything together and she is supportive to other people and follows all of the rules! Plus, she loves to help people with pins and stamps! I hope she gets the 10,000 coins because I think she did a great job! Waddle on Cp!

I am very happy that there are many helpful friends in the Island just like Jennatlc, don't you? It was very nice to offer Jennatlc your $10,000 coins, Jelllybug2000! You are a very helpful and nice friend! Now, this week's question talks something more related to something that is coming up very soon: The Adventure Party! Yes! Here is what Billybob said about: This week, we'd love to hear about how you create adventures around the island... ( and here comes this Week's "Reviewed by You!" question: ) What's been your favorite adventure with friends on Club Penguin so far? Well, that is a very nice question, Billybob! We all had adventures in Club Penguin sometime, right? It could be like the first time you saw the Squid ( a secret Club penguin animal, I will talk more about it later ) with a friend, the first time you solved a mystery as an EPF Agent, or even when you completed any of the 3 Medieval Quests! Remember that the selected answer's penguin will get a reward of $10,000 coins. I already submitted my answer! :) What do you think about all this? Please send a comment and see you later in Club Penguin Island! :D

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