Monday, July 11, 2011

Someone Else ( Part 9 - 10 )

Story for people from 10+ ages

There was no figure now.
Mary ( Jerry's mom ) and Victor's mom ran downstairs, alerted by their son's screams. Victor and Jerry didn't moved or said anything, until Victor's mom said:
- Victor! What happens here? - she said, restless
They couldn't have never described the strange scene they where seeing that moment. Victor was completely still, without moving anything. He was completely pale by the big scary experience he just had some seconds ago. 
- We heard screams - said Mary - coming from here. What was happening? - she asked, rapidly
- Mom, we... we saw a rat! - lied Jerry 
- A rat?!? From where?!? - said Victor's mom
- Ummm... I don't know... but it left - said Jerry, lying again
In that moment, Victor started moving. The first thing he said was:
- Umm, umm... yes, we are ok - he said, still shaking
- That's strange... well, I am going to prepare some tea. Would you like some? - asked Victor's mom to Victor, Jerry and Mary, almost forgetting about what happened.
- Yes, please - said Jerry and Victor at the same time
- I will help you - said Mary to Victor's mom
Then, they leaved the room to the kitchen. When Jerry and Victor where alone again, Jerry asked:
- Victor, what did you saw through the glasses? - 
Victor didn't answered immediately. He just stared looking to the glasses ( which where on the floor ) for some seconds, until he answered:
- It was.... horrible, Jerry... - he said, in a low voice and shaking - it was like... a person with no face! -
- What? - said Jerry, impressed
- It was just behind you... but you didn't saw it, right? - he said, looking at Jerry with a scary face
- Umm... no, I didn't saw it, because I didn't had the glasses on... - he answered
- I, I believe you... but, what do we have to do? Should we destroy the glasses? Or should we conserve them? - 
- I certainly don't know, Victor - 
- I think... that we should destroy them. I don't know how do they make all that... but I am sure that they are not good for anyone of us! - Victor paused for some moments - Shall we throw them to the river? Or destroy them by other way? - 
Jerry didn't know what to say. 
- Jerry? Please answer me! - said Victor
- Umm... well, Victor... why don't we conserve them? - 
- What?!? Conserve those horrible glasses?!? Why? They aren't from this World, Jerry! We HAVE to destroy them now! - 
                  PART 10                          

Jerry thought about that for some minutes, until he finally said:
- You are right, Victor... we have to destroy them - he said, nervous
- But, how? - 
- I... don't know... - said Jerry - but I think that we should-- 
In that moment Mary and Victor's mom arrived to the room, carrying cups of tea in their hands.
- One for Jerry and other one for my dear - said Victor's mom
- And these for us - said Mary
Jerry and Victor began drinking their tea like if nothing happened some minutes ago. Everything was all right, until something happened to Jerry.
He began cooughing, but some seconds later, the coughs went stronger.
- Jerry? Are you ok? - said Mary
But Jerry couldn't answer. He was feeling something very strong in his mouth, that was choking him. He couldn't breathe. He began coughing even more and more stronger, trying to get whatever that was there out of his mouth. 
- Jerry? Jerry?!? Are you ok?!? - said Victor
And just in the moment he was thinking that he was going to die, something strange happened.
He felt like if something got out of his mouth, though he didn't see anything. After that, he started breathing normal.
- OMG, Jerry, are you ok? Do you need something?!? - said Mary, scared
- Oh mom, no... I'm alright now... - he said, scared
- You almost give me a heart attack, Jerry! - said Mary
When they finished drinking their tea, ( except for Jerry, who didn't wanted to drink tea anymore ) Victor went and grabbed the black glasses from the floor, nervous. Then, he gave them to Jerry.
But before he could put them in his pocket, he remembered what happened some minutes ago.
The invisible - strange thing that he felt.
<< Could it be possible? >> thought Jerry, as the same time he put the glasses on.
He saw everything in the usual strange colors. He saw Victor, his mom, Victor's mom and everything else. The strange figure that Victor said like an hour ago seemed to be gone now. Everything seemed normal, until he saw something in the floor.
Something little.
Just like a paper.
But it was like wrinkled, forming a paper ball.
Then, he took the glasses off.
And, there was nothing there, indeed.
He put the glasses on.
The paper ball was there again.
It seemed that the paper ball could only be seen with the black glasses. Jerry was amazed. He began walking to it, slowly, until he grabbed the paper from the floor.
It was the thing that was choking him some minutes ago!
But he couldn't see anything more of it because he had to bid farewell Victor and his mom, because they where leaving now. He said to Victor:
- Tomorrow we will continue talking about this, ok? -
- Ok, Jerry. But promise me that you will not use those glasses again -
- I will do my best - he said
Jerry and his mom entered the car very carefully ( it was still raining ) and they began their way to their house. When they arrived there, Jerry put the glasses on again, breaking the promise he made with Victor. Then, he took the paper from his pocket. He began unrolling it, until the paper was completely extended. It seemed to be something written in it. But he was horrified when he read it. There it said, in very red letters:

                               If you destroy the glasses,
                                We will destroy you.

Created by Je45rry. All rights reserved. ( Part 10 coming soon! )

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