Wednesday, July 13, 2011

DJ3K Game Update!

UPDATE: I just realized that this Game Update taked place some weeks ago :/ But I will not delete this post, in a way to help those who doesn't know already, ok? :)

Hello penguins! Today when I was exploring the Island, I decided to take my Yellow Puffle ( Goldy ) to play with me at the Dance Club in the Game DJ3K. But when I entered the home page of the game, it was very different! To start, it seems that Club Penguin Team is planning to update the game, because there where many bugs ( some of them where that there where mispellings and other wrong things ) like instead of saying the correct Track Name, it said something like this: [ldrtrack_ld_undefined not ready] So I think that the game might experience a very special update. But I didn't paid attention to that and I started playing the game. It seemed normal, until I saw something strange in the screen. In the up - part of it, there was a type of special bar. In its right seemed to be a Red Button, such as the buttons of "Recording", and in its right side it was a type of Mute button that was already activated. Also, I noticed that I couldn't press any button, and my penguin ( ad yellow puffle ) where very still. So, I decided to click that red button to see what happens.
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In that moment, my penguin started dancing ( as the same as my yellow puffle ), the lights turned on, and I now could press buttons! The problem is that not many buttons where available to press in that moment because when I did so, they didn't make nothing. I tried to activate sound ( the music ) but it doesn't let me. So, because I was very confused and I couldn't hear anything, I decided to press the "Square" button that had replaced the red one ( the square button means "Stop" ) And when I did so, appeared a special window that showed a disk, and two button options ( that said something like: [id_save not ready] ad [id_cancel not ready] ) But I could see the "Member" logo in the first option, and because I am not member I pressed the second option. It redirected me to the Home page of the game.

Then, I decided to click the "Instructions" option in the Home page of the game. It appeared a square with 4 images in it. But I couldn't reaad anything, because it was confusing. But in the letters, I could distinguish some words. One in each image. Also, I began to analyze very carefully the Images that appeared in the square. I think that they should be trying to say something, so I tried to mix the words with the Images, in order. Here is what I made ( The number means the Image number and the word what I found: )

1.- Mix
2.- Record
3.- Stop
4.- Play

And here is what I made following the Images:

1.- Choose a song to Mix
2.- Record your own mix, make what you want!
3.- Once you finish, stop your mix and save it ( only for members! )
4.- Play it in your own Igloo!

Awesome, right? So, I think that the new purpose of the game is to make your own mixes ( with help of the ones that are available for members in the Dance Club ), save it if you are a member ( if you are not a member, you can play the game but not save your mixes ) and once you save it, you can play it as the Music in your own Igloo for parties, special events and more! :D I think that this is one of the many renovations the Club Penguin Team wanted to do when they rised the Membership prices. Good idea, Club Penguin Team! I think that many Member penguins will be happy with his DJ3K Game update! It is a such great idea to make our own music for different time parties. It is so amazing! I think that it will be a great way to make your own Igloo music. Thanks for reading this and see you later in Club Penguin Island!

NOTE: This post also talks about a bug that the DJ3K Game is having.

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