Saturday, July 9, 2011

Someone Else ( Part 8 )

Story for people from 10+ ages.

- Do you have something to do with all this? -
In that moment, Jerry's mom entered the room.
- Dear, what are you watching in the TV? -
- Nothing mom... everyone is talking about this storm... - Jerry said, worried
- Well, in that case... - said Jerry's mom, as the same time he turned off the TV - why don't you go to Victor's House? I can take you there in the car - she said, smiling
- Really? But, I thought you didn't want me to go outside - he didn't finished the sentence because his mom interrupted him, saying:
- Alone, Jerry. With me, is very different - she said, looking at him.
Jerry toked the glasses, then he leaved the room ad entered the car with his mom. Jerry's mom began driving, but being carefully to not cause an accident. When they arrived to Victor's house, they rang the bell. Victor opened the door, and Jerry and his mom entered the house very fast.
- Jerry! Mary! What a surprise to see you! - said Victor, happy
- I am also very happy to see you, Victor - said Mary, Jerry's mom - and... where's your mom? -
- She is upstairs. If you want, go there - he said
Once Mary leaved the room and went upstairs, Jerry said:
- Victor, there's something very important I need to say you - said Jerry, nervous
- Anything, my friend. What is it? - said Victor
Slowly, Jerry grabbed the black glasses from his pocket, showing them to Victor. Then, he said:
- What do you see here, Victor? - he said, more nervous
- Well, I see black glasses. Are they sunglasses? Because I need some.... - Victor said, laughing
- Victor, don't you see something different in them? -
- Ummm... nope. They seem perfectly normal for me. Why do you ask? -
- Victor.... I found these glasses in the Ice Cream Shop. They appeared mysteriously in my plate -
- And? What's the matter? -
Jerry taked a deep breathe and then he said:
- They aren't normal, Victor. Every time I put them on something strange happens. The first time, I saw Pedro!   -
- Are you talking about... -
- Yes, Victor. It was supposed to be death at that time. Then, I saw a car accident, that happened years ago! And later, I saw a girl crying that wasn't real! -
- Hold on, are you saying me that these glasses, make you see ghosts? -
- Well, I was going to see dead people... - said Jerry, in low voice - but ghosts seem more logic. Ironic, right? - said Jerry, with a strange face.
- But Jerry - said Victor - that is impossible. No one can see dead people. And pretty much less with black glasses. That's such a crazy thing! -
- I know... but it's real-
- And how can you prove me? -
They saw each other with a creepy face. Then, Jerry grabbed the black glasses and given it to Victor.
- Just, be careful - said Jerry
Then, Victor put the glasses on.
He saw everything in a distorted color. Like the colors of a rainbow. But everything else was normal. He could see his books, the chair, the floor, and Jerry. There wasn't something strange in there.
- Well, I have to admit that this glasses make you see everything in different colors... but I can't see anything stra--
He didn't finished the sentence.
There, just behind Jerry, was a figure. A figure of someone using very black clothes, and was lying in the floor.
Just like a dead.
- Victor? Is everything alright? - said Jerry
But he didn't answered. Suddenly, the figure moved his left foot. Then, his right hand. Victor was in a complete horror - shock, and he couldn't react. Jerry began suspecting that Victor was seeing someone through the glasses, so he looked behind him. Jerry couldn't see anything.
- Jerry, there's someone there... just behind you... - said Victor, pointing to the floor and shacking, terrorized.
And then, the figure rose up. Victor could now see all the parts of his body. The arms, the legs, the foot, the hands, except one thing.
The face.
The figure hadn't a face.
Well, at least it wasn't one.
- Jerry!!! - screamed of horror Victor.
The figure started walking to Victor. Very fast.
- Victor, take off those glasses - said Jerry, nervous
The figure raised his arms to Victor.
- Victor, take off those glasses now! -
And just before the figure's hands could touch Victor, he taked the glasses off with a scream.
There was no figure now.

Created by Je45rry. All rights reserved. ( Part 9 coming soon! )

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