Tuesday, January 11, 2011

EPF Sneak Peek!

Hello penguins! Billybob has brought us a Sneak Peek of what is coming to the Island in the Next Days. Here is what he said about:

Elite Agents - the island needs your help.
We have a defense plan - but we need to strengthen our numbers! Agents are advised to be on the look out for new recruits. Send the EPF postcard to any penguins you think are up to the challenge.  

Really interesting, dont you think? The Image seems to be a type of robotic enemy with wheels... ho do you think might create this? Or do you think that it might do something else? If you see the last Sneak Peek Billybob gave us, you can see that the 2nd Image forms this image. My suggestion is that the Third Image can be one of the New EPF Tools that will be given soon to agents... In other news, the New Field - Op is now available, but Im sorry to say that I think I cant post it, so the Location is The Mountain! Stand near the edge of it and your Spy Phone will began ringing. Thanks and see you later!

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