Monday, January 31, 2011

4522912 ( Part 8 )


                                                                    Day 2

As the same form I waked up the day before, I waked up that morning. I walked to the Kitchen, and I saw that my mom was making some sandwiches to eat. We talked about what happened the day before in the store, and she said to me that I would never go to a TV Room again. I had to agree, thinking it was the best option. The problem was, that the "Day without electricity" was already finished, so that morning my mom connected everything again. When I was eating my sandwich, I heard that the Telephone began ringing.
- OMG, OMG, OMG - I repeated in my mind, feared
But I already know that I had to respond, though I didn't know who was calling. I walked to the Telephone, and I pressed TALK.
- Hello? - I asked
- Jerry? - I heard a familiar voice
- Are you Steve? - I asked
- Yeah, it's me! -
- Oh, ok... - I breathed in relief - What happens? -
- Yesterday I almost die in a TV accident... did this happened to you, also? -
- Yeah! Are you OK, Steve? -
- Yes, I'm fine... what about you? Did you get hurt? -
- I'm fine, I only received some couple cuts... -
- What are we going to do, Jerry? Today he will try again to hurt us, and he will use another trap source! -
- Yeah, I know. Well, we know that he has used, by the moment, only 3 sources: Telephone, Impressor, and TV's -
- But, what trap source can he use now? -
- I'm not sure, Steve... just try to get away from electronic machines... -
In that moment, the Telephone went static.
- Steve? Can you hear me? Steve? -
I lost connection, so I went to continue eating my Sandwich at the Table Door.
It was a cloudy day, the 3rd consecutive cloudy day, to be honest. My mom wanted to take me to the Park that day, and she would take me like at 12:00 AM. When it was 11:20 AM, she decided to start our way to the Park.
We entered the car, and we began our way. As always, my mom turned the Radio on, just in time her favorite song "Sunshine" started on.
- I walk in the Sunshine, ooooh... - my mom sang, happy
The something horrible happened. Something that made me enter completely in Panic.
<< I *static* in the *static* ooooh *static* >> I could hear in the radio.
But everything seemed to be upside down. The notes went lower. The letter started changing. Then I noticed something in my mom. She was sleeping!
- Mom, mom! Are you OK? Mom! -
<< *static* cra *static* shhhh *static* >> I heard in the radio
- I.... walk... in the... - my mom said
- Mom! Wake up! Mom! - I said, terrorized
<< more *static* velo *static* cityyyyy >>
I noticed that my mom was driving faster.
- Mom!!!! Wake up!!!! -
She was hipnotized, I think. If my mom continued like that, we could crash, and die. But I would never permit that something happen to my mom. With my feet, I striked the radio, until I finally destroyed it.
But my mom was still hipnotized.
I moved my mom to my seat and I taked control of the car. I began to drive ( it was quite easy though ) until I could park outside a store.
- What happened? - asked my mom when she got better
- You.... got sleep, mom... I had to drive myself to get here -
- Sleep? What are you talking about? - my mom asked, surprised
- Yeah, you got kinda sleepy -
My mom moved me to my original seat, and she led us to the House, where we decided to stay there until the next day.
I called Steve to the Telephone, and then I said to him:
- Steve.... he... tried to use my mom, to hurt me.... -
- What??? -
- He tried to make my mom crash, so she and I would get hurt -
- But, that means that... -
I taked a deep breath, and then I said:
- He can use everything against us -          
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