Sunday, January 30, 2011

4522912 ( Part 7 )

 - You have 5 days. If you don't respond me in any of all those sources, you will stay alive. If you respond, you die -
Then he ended the call. The only thing I heard was the usual beep.
I was shocked. Was that call real?
- Jerry, are you OK? - said one of my classmates
I didn't respond. I only moved my head saying something like "Yes" but I knew that I wasn't ok. When Steve arrived to the classroom, he immediatly came to me, and he asked:
- Did you received a call from 4522912? -
- Yes! Did you received it too? - I asked, surprised
- Yeah! But, what are we going to do now? - he asked
- He already said what we have to do to stay... alive.... - I said, shaking - we don't have to fall ( respond ) in any of all those trap sources -
Steve and I made a list of every single possible trap source he could made for us. When we finished, I said:
- We have to avoid all these things for 5 days, Steve. Is that clear to you? -
- Yes -
The School and the entire day past by really fast because I couldn't stop thinking what I should do the next day. And, obviously, I disconnected every single electronic machine that was in the House.

                                                                  Day 1

I waked up, feeling the Sunlight in my face. When I wanted to see what Hour was, I immediatly remembered that I disconnected everything last night. When I saw my mom, she asked me:
- Jerry, why are all the machines disconnected? -
- Umm, well... - I began thinking what to say - Ummm, oh! Because today is the day without, umm, without electricity! - I said, stupidly
- The Day without electricity? Wasn't it in 1 week? - she asked, surprised
- Oh, they decided to make it today! -
My mom agreed that she wouldn't turn on any machine until the end of the Day.
- Jerry, I have to go to the Store. Would you like to go with me? -
The last thing I wanted was to stay alone in home, so I agreed.
When we entered the car, my mom turned it on and we began our way to the Supermarket. Then my mom turned on the radio.
<< Hi, everyone! Welcome to Capital radio station, the #1 in all United Kingdom! To began,  ... >>
Then the radio went really static. In some moments we could hear something, in other not. But the something horrible happened.
<< you are going to *static* die *static* in 5 *static* long days >>
I was completely in panic. Then I asked to my mom:
- Did you heard that??? -
- Hear what?
I tried to calm down, thinking in other things.
When we arrived to the Store, we got out of the car and began walking. I immediatly noticed that a new section of the store was already opened, and  I ran to it. It was the "TV Section". Then I noticed I made a big error, because I completely forgot the source traps. When I tried to walk away, I heard something behind me. It was something I had heard before.
I turned my head around, just to see that one of the 30 TV's that where there was in static. Then something terrible happened. Every single of the TV's went static, one by one. I was surrounded by static TV's! Then I feeled something in my feet. A shake. I could see that all the TV's began shaking, also.
Then I reacted.
All the TV's exploded, literally. The glasses went out in all directions.
I ran as fast as I could, avoiding everything that could hurt me. I received some cuts, but they weren't enough to kill me.
- Jerry!!! What happened?? Are you OK?!? - said my mom when she saw me.
- Yeah, mom... I'm ok... -
My mom went to talk with the Store supervisor, and when she finished talking, he said, surprised:
- I'm sorry, madam.... but we don't have idea of what happened. We really apologize that your son got hurt... -
After that, went out of the Store.
In the car, I understanded everything.
If I had not run on time, those glasses would have killed me.

Made by Je45rry           4522912 All rights reserved         Part 8 coming soon!  

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