Sunday, January 9, 2011


Hello penguins! As you may know, Winter vacations are about to finish today ( for some people finished in Wednesday ) and this might affect the blog. In the School I study we get TONS of Homework, plus extra classes I take some days of the Week. By all these reasons, I might not post as much as I posted this Vacations. But, don't worry! I have created my Own CP Twitter ( @cpje45rry ). If I don't post something in the Blog, I would have enough time to announce it in my Twitter! So if you have Twitter, please follow me! In other news, I'm sorry to say this but the CPI New Year Awards are canceled, because I couldn't post enough. I'm sorry... Oh, and I would like to say something else... No one except for JT has been publishing any comment in my Posts, especially in my 4522912 posts. I need you to post at least 1 comment, because if no one tells me if they like the story or not I would not know how's it! So, please comment!  Thanks and see you later!

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  1. Ok I'll comment, I have been reading it but not commenting sorry!