Friday, January 7, 2011

4522912 ( Part 3 )

- People say, that it is 4522912 -
In that moment the Teacher entered the Classroom, and everyone went to their seats. Classes passed by, but I couldn't stop thinking about what Steve said to me that morning. When School finally finished, we went out to wait to our parents to arrive.
- Hey, Jerry - said Steve to me
- Hi, Steve. What do you need? - I said
- Can I go to your house today? - he asked
- Go to my house today? Why? -
- Just to see how's it. And maybe do Homework together, if you want. I heard that you have super cool videogames. Can I go? -
- OK, but you have to talk with my mom first -
When my mom finally arrived, Steve talked with her about his idea, and my mom accepted. We entered the Car, and we went to my house.
- Wow! Your house is awesome! - said Steve
- Thanks! -
We went to my Room to start doing Homework. Steve turned ON the radio. For some moments we heard Music, but then the News began.

<< Dear Seattle Citizens, we have bad news for you today. As you may know, today the 5th Murder of the month has been realized. Police thinks that the responsible of all these horrible murders can be someone that is searching something. Unfortunately, they can't catch the responsible, since no one has any hint of who is him. Stay secure at Home, don't go out in Nights, and be careful. Oh, and one more announcement. The Police is planning to suspend Telephone services, by a reason they don't want to tell... >>

 Steve looked at me, and he said,
- Did you heard that? Now do you believe me that the Telephone Number Legend is real? - he asked
- That doesn't proves that the legend is real - I said, decisive
- How can I prove you? - he said
He turned around to the Telephone that was near us. He went and toked it.
- No, Steve... don't do that! -
- Oh, so you are saying that now you believe me? -
- No, but, just in case, don't call! -
- Just see - he said
He pressed 4.
- Stop, Steve -
He pressed 5.
- You don't have to do this! -
He pressed 22.
- Steve, don't call! -
He pressed 9.
- No, Steve! -
He pressed 12.
Then he pressed TALK.
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