Saturday, January 22, 2011

You decide a Pin for the Stage!

Hello everyone! Sorry about not posting the last days... :S Please don't stop visiting the blog, remember that I am still posting and doing new stories for the blog! :D Billybob has surprised us with a You Decide! of a pin that will be used for the Stage. Here is what he says:

The Haunting of the Viking Opera is returning to the Stage in February! To celebrate, we want to make a viking pin. We need your help to decide what it should look like. Which pin would you like to see? 

I voted for the Second option ( the Blue Viking Helmet ) because it is a rare item in Club Penguin. Actually, ( at this moment ) the 3rd option ( the Viking canoe ) is winning! Click here to vote! Also follow me in Twitter as @cpJe45rry to see what's happening! Thanks and see you later!

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