Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Sneak Peek: February! ( And couple things to say )

Hello! Billybob has posted in the CP Community Blog some sneak peeks about what we will see this month in Club Penguin. Here is what he said about:

 Last month, we showed you some surprises we were working on. We've seen a lot of brown puffles walking around the island since then... And there's a lot more coming up for puffles in February and March!

Plus, here are some things to look out for this month:
 * The big Puffle Party, starting Feb.18
* Brown puffles for adoption at the Pet Shop
* The return of the Haunting of the Viking Opera at the Stage (with the pin YOU picked!) 

Hmmm... oh sorry  Hmmm.... lots for Puffles in February AND March? That sounds interesting... Well, this are my suggestions for the 3 Images:

- 1st: It seems to be the Curtain at the Pet Shop, so I think that it means that the Brown Puffle will be soon there.
- 2nd: Maybe a new attraction at the Puffle Party, or NEW Puffle Furniture...
- 3rd: It seems to be the Brown Puffle with his red glasses making a Machine... I hope that it isn't for Probot! :l

It would be cool if Brown Puffles could make new Puffle Furniture. In other news, I would like to receive comments. I have been waiting comments for a long time and my most active user has been JT, and according to my Visitor's counter, my blog has been receiving many Pageviews. I really thank - you to visit my blog, but I would like you to comment a little. In other things, I have been noticing ( thanks to Blogger Stats Page ) that my "Field - Op 31!" and my "Where could Probot be hiding?" posts have been receiving a lot of Pageviews. Please comment! Thanks and see you later! :D

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