Saturday, February 19, 2011

Hard decision..

Guys, you know I have been posting in here like a year and a half. I know that it isn't too much, but to me it has been a really long time. You have may noticed I haven't posted too much in this blog lately. I really love posting the Info, my stories, etc. But now I don't have so much time to post nothing. I would really appreciate if you could help me out being an author. If you do, post a comment. Here are the rules of a colaborator:

- Your posts have to be quite large or medium.
- Your posts have to be at least 1 image, please ( and saved in .png )
- You have to use correct language.
- Your posts doesn't have to contain spelling errors.

It doesn't matters if you don't post too much, but if I can't post something, I would really appreciate if you post it for me. Please send a comment if you want to help me. Thanks! :D


  1. Je45erry - I would love to become an author! Please email me

    I will always try to add detailed, long posts! (if that is okay with you)
    If you would like to please tell me your email, you can work on my blog! Thank you, Je45rry. Thank you. Have fun - Woddylan

  2. I don't usually do this. But, I think I might be able to help part time. This means I won't be able to get every new thing posted, but I can get something in here and there.

  3. @Landfish7 Thanks so much1 It doesnt matters if you dont post sometimes :D
    @Woddylan Of course! I will send you both an e-mail with the Invitation!
    As you may have noticed, I never had no one helping me as an author, cuz I thought I could post it myself. But now I REALLY need help. Thanks guys for helping! :D

  4. Landfish7, whats your email? If you dont want no one else to know I will not post the comment.
    @Anonymous: Thanks so much! :D