Monday, February 21, 2011

Anyone Ready?

Hey penguins! I'm a new author here, Woddylan! Today I just wanted to see if all the hired authors are ready. Right? I mean, you can't just start posting! You have to be ready! I wonder what all of you are going to post about. Does anyone know why Je45erry is tired? Club Penguin cheats never get you tired! You can't even grow out of making Club Penguin Cheats! Well, welcome authors! I hope you make fun posts! Have fun posting! Now. . . wanna know a little bit about myself? Just look below the line. . .


Name: Woddylan
Gender: Boy
Blog: Woddylan's Club Penguin Secrets/Link:
Interests: Blogging, making books, etc. :D


Have fun! Waddle on, Penguins!

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