Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Hello Penguins! Loulou11207, Dark Falkner, Pips4lucy and many other penguins are now my friends! First I met Loulou11207 at the Dance Club. We started to Dance! Then, Pips4lucy joined us! After that, went to the Ski Mountain to a sled race. There I met Dark Falkner! We played like three times Sled Racing and then we went to the Forest. After that, we went to the Underground Mine to get some coins. Then, we went to the Hidden Lake.

We past so much fun together! Thanks to Loulou11207, Dark Falkner and Pips4lucy for all the Fun!

Please visit Loulou11207´s Blog:

Also Dark Falkner´s Blog:

And Pips4lucy´s one:


  1. Very cool!!! Ill be posting my in a little while....

  2. GUESS WHAT!? THERE'S GOING TO BE A MASSIVE (ok maybe not massive) PARTY AT MY IGLOO!! For me info go here:

  3. Hey! Dark Falkner is having a party at his iggey! For more info go to well bye :D