Thursday, June 24, 2010


Hello! Today I played with my well- known Friends Dark Falkner and Loulou11207. First we have a little Dance Party at Dark Falkner´s house. Then Loulou11207 suggested to play Sled Racing. All of us thought it was a great idea. Like always, Loulou11207 won the majority of Races. But to surprise of all, Dark Falkner suggested to play upwards: the last would win. And guess what? I won! (which means I loose:) Then, we went again to Dark Falkner´s house and Danced until he went to dinner. Then Loulou suggested to play Card- Jitsu. I thought it was an Incredible Idea! We went to the Dojo to play. It was a Hard- Battle, but at Last, Loulou won!

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