Monday, June 28, 2010

Dark Falkner´s Party!

Hello Penguins! Today was the First Great Dark Falkner´s Party! We started at his Great HQ Iggy dancing with our Puffle: Loulou11207 with his white Puffle, Dark Falkner with his Orange Puffle Zachery, and me with my Green Puffle Greeny.

After that, Dark Falkner started a Snowball Fight. All agreed and in one second all of us were throwing snowballs to each other!

Later, we maked a costume party. I dressed like a Giant Tarantula, and Klutzy the Lifeguard:) Loulou like a Hawaiian, Jet- Pack guy, Shadow Guy, Guardian Dog, and Dark Falkner like a Fire Ninja, Aquatic Boy and Rookie.

After that, we made a Hat Party. I put on all the hats I have. I have like 17 hats. (Not icluding the member ones) We all dressed on many ways an put on our funniest hats.

Then we made a Wacky Costume contest. I was very surprised by Loulou´s and Dark Falkner´s wacky costume. They are the best wacky costumers of the World:)

Then all of us put their old Style looks. All old- looks were very nice and cool. Ahh... those old remembers:)

Then Dark Falkner proposed to do a Fancy Costume Contest. We put on our Fanciest and more elegant Costumes. We looked like Super- Stars on an Oscar Award!

After that, we dressed (also changed the Pin and Bacground) with our Oldest Items! We looked very old (just kidding). Well, I have to accept that my items are the oldest ones:)

Then we put our Newest Clothes. Everyone looked very good. Lou and me coincide with the Same Squid Lid item as a Head item:) Practically I use almost my newest items.

Then we dressed with our Coolest clothes. We looked so fun! I dressed like a Scuba Driver- Lifeguard.

After that we ate some delicious Pizza, mmm I like Pizza. the way it is so cheesy, and with tomato, filled with delicious cheese and tomato, and pepperoni with a mango juice... Oh, sorry if I made you hungry...

Then, Guess who appeared? But of Course it was the Party Special Guest: Saraapril!!!
I was so happy to meet her for the First Time! We started to dance and Run at Dark Falkner´s iggy. Then we went to eat some Pizza at the Pizza Parlor.

Then we went to Smors Iggy at Map. We started to dance and to run all around the Room. We danced and danced and danced...

Then we decided to be ecologists... everyone Green! Desafortunately, I didn´t have green on my Color List... We past so much fun with Saraapril until she had to go. See you other day, Saraapril! Thanks so much for going to the Party!:)

Thanks Dark Falkner for organizing this AWESOME Party. This was the Best Party EVER!

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  1. THANKS for all the FUN Je45rry :) See you another day in Club Penguin :)