Friday, June 25, 2010

Things to do...

Hello! Like you must know, today is my party. (Look older entries) If you don´t remember the points, this are:

Server: Summit
Day: June 25
Hour: 10:30 PST

This are the things that I have planned to do during the Party:

1.- Dance at the Iceberg
2.- Play Sled- Racing
3.- Play Card- Jitsu
4.- A Snowball Fight at Snow Forts
5.- In commemoration to FIFA 2010: A little Soccer Game at the Soccer Pitch!
6.- Having Fun!

If you have an extra idea to do in this Party, it will be accepted!

UPDATE: Thanks Loulou11207 for the Costume Theme Party idea!
UPDATE: Play Hide and Seek!
MORE UPDATE: Play Treasure Hunt

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