Monday, June 28, 2010


Hello Penguins! I have been thinking it too much and finally I have decided to do a very- special contest. This contest will be about a Series of Hints that you will have to follow searching on ALL the Blog. This contest will began tomorrow (June 29) to finish July 5.

But, what is the Prize?
1.- Your penguin will appear on the "Contest Winners" Post.
2.- If you have a blog, I will put it on the post!
3.- UPDATE: Thanks Pips4lucy for giving her idea of a new Prize: You will be the Next Penguin of the Week!!

If you have other prize that you think that could be available, send me a Comment with your idea!


  1. idk but these are the wons i came up wid when i first read it:
    1.Have a party at ur iggy and then go to somewhere like the lodge attic and play a game 2gether.

    2.Have your penguin on eachothers blogs(doesnt matter if you copy someone elses pic) and then make that penguin the penguin on the week.

    3.Let that person choose the prize they want out of about 5 prizes.

    What is the contest about
    Is it about puttin lots of hints on ur blog???

  2. It is about following the Hints navigating throught all the Blog. If you have another question, tell me!
    (Good prizes, I will think about it. Thanks)