Friday, June 25, 2010

Party with Friends!

Hello Penguins! My Party has been a success! Here are some Important Penguins that went to my Party:

- Loulou11207
- Dark Falkner
- Caytlyn99999
- Pinkeyslam

These are the events that we do together:

- Sled Race

Here you can see Loulou11207, Caytlyn99999 and me Racing.

- Dance Party

Here we are at the Iceberg dancing like Crazies:)

- Soccer Game

Here you can see us at the Soccer Pitch playing a little Football Game in conmemoration to FIFA 2010!

- Costume Contest

All of us put on our Funniest clothes. That´s me, with the Klutzy costume. Oh, and that´s Loulou11207 with his Blue Dragon Costume. And also there is Caytlyn999999 with her Cheer Costume. Oh, and there are my Puffles dancing, playing and sleeping.

- Treasure Hunt

We played a couple of Treasure Hunt games. Mmmm, we are Rich!:)

- Hide and Seek

I seeked Loulou11207 and Dark Falkner until I find him at the VR Room.

- Igloo Party

We went to Loulou11207´s iggy. He has a great Igloo!

Thanks to all for going to my Party! Remember to go to Dark Falkner´s one this Monday!

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