Thursday, August 4, 2011

Quick Developer Update!

Hello everyone! I am really sorry by not posting nothing this last days, specially the "Behind the Scenes at Club Penguin" Video post. I was really busy with work and I was out of the city. Well, Billybob has posted another "Developer Update" post in the Club Penguin Community Blog. As you may know, this posts work to give us information about what is working the Club Penguin Team these days, such as squashing bugs and preparing new events. Here is something that Billybob said to us: Thanks for everyone's feedback on the behind the scenes video. We're working on some new exciting stuff for you this month. If you saw this video, you may have noticed that the Club Penguin Team is working in many new things, specially in the EPF. It also shows us some things they are planning to do in the Island, such as new games, new features, and a possible new EPF Mission named: Operation Black Out! I'm sure that Club Penguin will make more things to EPF Agents very soon, and I think that the crabs will take part of it... well, returning to the Developer Update, here is what Billybob says about:

New items at the Gift Shop -We're just finishing up the catalog. For those of you that asked, it should be out tomorrow. Get ready for some extreme sporting action.
More videos - Happy77 and the team are working on some more videos for you, like a music video and another Penguins Around The World slideshow. Let us know what other videos you'd like to see in the comments!
Bug squashing - In our last developer update, we told you we're working on a fix for the orange penguin that's appearing for some of you when you log in. This should be fixed tomorrow, too.
Top secret: for secret agents only - We're putting the finishing touches on a new System Defender level. I won't say too much about that quite yet, as the EPF likes to keep things kind of secret, and I don't want to spoil the surprise...

As you can see, the Image shows us some of the new clothes that will appear in the next Gift Shop ( Clothing ) Catalog. Also, Billybob says that the Club Penguin Team will work on more videos, to make easier and more interesting important information. He also says that New System Defender levels will be added soon! That is very interesting... and I think that it is very good that Club Penguin is fixing the bugs. I am very happy that Club Penguin is keeping on its promise of improving Club Penguin... that's very nice and grateful! I hope that all this new things will be bug - free... I can't wait for the next party! I'm sure that it will be awesome. Meantime, we can enjoy these improvements in Club Penguin. The Club Penguin Team says that many new and awesome things are on the way! Thanks for reading this, please comment with your opinion, and see you later in Club Penguin Island!

P.D: I am thinking in making a Club Penguin Party soon, but I need your response. What do you think? :D

UPDATE: Here you can see the "Behind the Scenes: Club Penguin" 2011 Official Video :)

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