Thursday, August 18, 2011

Reviewed by You: Top Elite Agents!

Hello everyone! I'm sorry by not posting anything last days, I have been very busy with school and some events. To start, I would like to tell you that, as you may have noticed, Herbert and Klutzy are really planning something big. Same with Gary the Gadget Guy, he seems to be planning something to trap Herbert and all his other enemies. I will be working in a special post to talk about all this and even more curious facts of the EPF later. For now, I will talk about this "Reviewed by You!" named: "Top Elite Agents!". I think that this has something to do with the upcoming events, don't you think? Well, if you can remember, last "Reviewed by You!" question was about your favorite part of Club Penguin's Island Adventure Party. Suite106's answer was selected! He/she had this to say: "My Favorite Part of the party is the ship battle! You have the pirates with complicated cannons to load and the penguin navy with easy to load cannons. I actually like to be the pirates because I have an actual pirate costume and I like more of a chalenge. I Also Like the different bases in the cove and the beach and the things people say make it better. Rock on CP!" I also liked the idea of the Ship Battle, Suite106! Very nice! Though the adventure party is over, we can still find adventure in the Island, such as the next upcoming event, The Great Snow Race.

*** Warning! The following Information is for EPF Agents only ***

For this "Reviewed by You", we will be talking about EPF Agents. As many penguins know, every EPF Agent and Tour Guide receive a special paid $ each month. But, they really deserve it? That's one reason that Billybob made this" reviewed by you", to see what EPF Agents really do their job correctly. Here is what he says about: "As some of you may already know, there's a new level of System Defender launching very soon. So this week, we want to talk about what a great job you do to keep the island safe. Agents: tell us about an agent that's gone over and beyond the call of duty for the EPF!" Well, there are many good and nice agents working at the EPF... one of them is my friend Loulou11207, who always responded the call in an emergency case to help other penguins. A very good agent is the one who doesn't gives up, is always happy, and that is very nice and helpful with everyone, like me, for example ;) lol... Well, what do you think about this? Remember that the winner will get $10,000 coins to its penguin account! Thanks for reading, please comment ( I haven't received no one recently ) and see you later in Club Penguin Island! :D

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