Saturday, August 13, 2011

Someone Else ( Part 12 )

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It was Victor's voice.
Jerry turned his head around, shaking. It couldn't be possible.
- Victor? Are you there? - he said, nervous
Because he couldn't see anyone in his room, he slowly opened the door. He walked out, trying to see someone. It was already night, and everything outside was completely dark. The rain seemed to never stop, and the thunders where so loud, creating a freaky environment in the House. Jerry was scared, so he decided to go downstairs with his mom. That surely would make him feel better. So he decided to take the glasses off, keeping them in his pocket as always. But when he was just about to walk downstairs, there was a blackout.
- Oh, come on! - said Jerry, scared
Everything was dark. He couldn't see anything, so walking downstairs could be dangerous.
- Mom! The lights went out! - he screamed
But there was no answer. Jerry began to worry.
- Mom? Are you there? - he said, in front of the stairs - Mom?? -
Everything was silence, until he heard something:
- Aughjjj -
- Mom? Are you ok? -
- Aauuggjjj - 
Jerry was completely scared. That voice was completely husky and deep. It was obvious that there was someone else than his mom downstairs; and maybe his mom was in big danger. At first, he didn't know if going downstairs to check what was happening or staying up there safe, thinking:
<< Come on, Jerry... you have to go downstairs! >>
<< Downstairs? Never! There's someone downstairs that should be dangerous! >>
<< That's the reason that you have to go downstairs, Jerry! Your mom is there! >>
<< But I can't! I'm scared! >>

Finally, he decided to go downstairs and confront whoever that was downstairs. His mom was more important.
He walked down to his first stair. Then second, then third, and so on, trying to do not make noise. When he was in the last stair, he looked around. But he couldn't see anyone yet.
That was alarming.
- Mom? Are you there? Hello? -
He began to walk, slowly. Suddenly, when a lightning flashed, he could see the shadow of someone standed up in the kitchen. Jerry was completely scared. He could feel his heart beating fast. He went to the kitchen, walking very slowly. When he was there, he couldn't move.
There, in a chair, was his friend, Victor. But there was something different in him. Number one, he seemed to be very pale, and Number two, he was crying.
- Victor? What are you doing here? -
Suddenly, Victor turned his head to him, screaming:
- No! Jerry, this is a trap! -
Suddenly, the Kitchen's door closed with lock.
- Victor? What's happening?? -
Victor didn't answered, because in that moment, someone entered the room, trespassing the door. It was a girl, with white glasses. Shaking, Jerry said:
- Sarah??? -

Created by Je45rry. ( Part 13 coming soon! )


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