Friday, August 5, 2011

EPF Information at Newspaper #302!

Hello everyone! As you may know, Club Penguin has released the Club Penguin Times Issue #302. As all Newspapers, it gives us information about what's actually happening in the Island, about what's going to happen in the future and even more. But this Newspaper Issue is special! To start, it announces ( by Gary the Gadget Guy ) a special event that is going to take place very soon: The Great Snow Race! But, why would Gary made a Snow Race during this time of the year? It seems very fun, but Gary's attitude during an interview ( outside the Everyday Phoning Facility ) with a reporter for the Newspaper was strange, as seen in the Image. He sweats, and is like a bit impatient. Here is what he said about this Upcoming Event: "The Great Snow Race begins August 25! My Zest for the Sporting life is indubitable - in other words, I really love sports! I simply can't get enough, umm... extreme walking! And... intense reading! I'm very- what's the word? Ah yes, stoked. I'm very stoked for the Racing and such" Ummm... Gary athletic? I never thought in that... I didn't knew that Gary loved sports... And, intense reading? That's not even a sport! Why is Gary so nervous? By lying, maybe? It seems that something is happening, but Gary doesn't want us to know yet.

And, what's that in the photo image? Are those traces of a... a crab? And they are coming from the EPF! I think that that crab made something inside the EPF Headquarters, but what? Also, in the "Behind the Scenes: Club Penguin" video it shows us a part of something named: "Operation: Blackout!" It also shows some images of crabs and Herbert! I think that this "Blackout" may have something to do with all this! Maybe Gary wants us to participate in this event to avoid something... As you know, a Blackout happens when all the lights go off, and everything goes dark. But I think Herbert may be planning something more big than a normal blackout... As you can see in the Image, there is something that seems to be a machine surrounded by crabs... and it seems to be Probot! Do you remember the Club Penguin Schedule image that I posted some months ago? In the image, it was programmed a "Big EPF Launch" in May, but it never happened, and a "Blackout" in June, but it never happened too! So I think that all this is going to happen very - very soon. What do you think about all this? Please send a comment with your opinion and see you later in Club Penguin Island! :D

P.D.: Please nominate me at the RiffyCP Awards! I have been already nominated as Most Creative, and I think I could be the winner of this category by my stories, my posts and my exclusives. Thanks! :D

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