Monday, December 27, 2010

CPI Stories, you decide!

Hello! As you may know, I have been writing stories and publishing them here, in the blog. Already I have two stories completed, "Numbers" and "Photos". Now, I have some ideas of other stories I could make. But, I don't know what story post first. So, I need your help! I will post 2 ideas of stories, I will make a description of each one and you will vote for what story you want to read first!

Mysterious murders have been happening in all the city, and the police can't find the responsible. When two boys hear the rumor that exists a phone number that calls Devil, one of them calls, believing it's just a joke. But they soon know who is the responsible of all the murders... Now, they have to make the most important surviving race of their lives, before Devil returns the call.

                                                       We are the Future
 In times of 1810, Mexico's Independence's times, two boys find a portal to actual world. They soon know that this world was much better that their old, violent and difficult times. But when strange things began to happen in all the World, they soon discover that their absences in their old world is completely changing the one that we know today.

Now, vote for the story you want to read first!

In January 1 the first part of the story winner will be posted! Thanks and see you later!

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