Monday, December 13, 2010

Photos ( Part 8 )

- We are next -
I could notice the terror in Ricky´s eyes.
- No.. no.. no! - Ricky said, shaking -  This can´t be happening to us! -
- What can we do?!? - I asked
Ricky turned his head to me and said:
- The photo! -
- What photo? -
- The one that is at the Brown Pack! It has to contain something that can help us! -
I toked out the photo from the Brown Pack. We observed it again, trying to find something relevant.
- Jerry... -
- What, Ricky? I said
- Do you notice that beyond the girl is an alley? -
- Yes... I can notice it... -
- Give me the magnifying glass - said Ricky
I gave him it. He began to observe the photo, and then he said:
- There appears the name of a street! -
- Really? - I asked
- Yes! -
- What´s the name? -
- "14th May" -
I immediately searched the street in all the maps I could found, until I finally got it.
- It´s at New Jersey! -
- New Jersey? Don´t you think it is a little far?
- In a plane we can arrive fast! -
In that moment, I felt something in my hand. Something cold. I noticed that the lights where turning off...
- What happens, Jerry? - said Ricky
I could feel as if someone was touching my hand, freezing it.
I didn´t move, until Ricky screamed.
- JERRY!!! -
I saw my hand. It was bleeding. Then I felt something horrible.
A breathing.
A breathing just as real as Ricky.
I reacted fast. I don´t know exactly why, but I immediately  screamed:
We ran as fast as we could, until we where in the street.
- What happened there, Jerry? And why was your hand bleeding??? - asked Ricky
- He is already trying to... - I made a pause - kill us...
Ricky was terrorized.
- So, what are we waiting for? We have to go to New Jersey! -
I agreed. We toked a Taxi, and we went to the airport. When we where finally in New Jersey, I said:
-We have to find "14th May" street now -
                                                                                               Made by Je45rry
( Part 9 coming soon )