Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Photos ( Part 9 )

-We have to find "14th May" street now -
In that moment, I felt something, like a dog´s bite, in my hand that was bleeding. I screamed of pain, and immediately Ricky said to me:
- Are you ok, Jerry? What happens? - he said
- Don´t worry, Ricky, I´m ok... but we have to hurry -
We walked and walked in all the city, trying to found a street with a name of "14th May". Sometimes, I turned my head around to verify that no one was following us. We where about to give up, when we saw something.
In the other side of the street, was an old lady.
I don´t know why, but something said to me that she seemed familiar, like if I had already seen her somewhere. We walked to her, and when we where just behind the old lady, I said her:
- Good night -
She turned his head to us and then she responded:
- Good night. How can I help you, guys? - she said
- Sorry for the inconvenience, but you seem familiar to me... we met sometime? -  I said, trying to sound the most formal possible.
- Familiar? - she asked
- Umm, yes, familiar - I said, now nervous
- Saying the truth, I don´t remember you, - she said to me - but maybe my daughter met you -
- Your daughter? - I asked
- Yes... everyone said that she and I where so similar... -
I saw Ricky with a confused face and then I asked the old lady:
- What do you want to mean with she and you WHERE so similar? -
- She, died at age of 15... -
I got impacted.
- Oh, I am so sorry to hear that... sorry about asking... -
- Oh, you don´t have to worry about it -
- May I ask you something? - I asked her
- What? - she said
- It´s night and cold... why are you here alone in the Street? -
- I don´t know... I just go here and remember many things... -
- Like what? - I asked
The old lady saw me with a sad face that caused me a special sensation, and then she said:
- Like the death of my daughter -
- What does this street make you remember that? - I asked, confused
- Here, at 14th May street, many things have happened -
I couldn´t talk. Then Ricky asked:
- Did you say "14th May" street? -
- Yes, that´s the name of this street. Here, a man killed my daughter -
- What?!? How?!? - I asked, surprised and confused at the same time
- It´s a story really sad and painful... - she said - but, if you want, I can tell you -
                                                                                                                       Made by Je45rry
( Final Part coming soon! )

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