Monday, December 6, 2010

Photos ( Part 7 ) EXTENDED

All had those blurry things at the sides.
Ricky´s dad seemed to be as scared as us. And he had a reason to. When I began seeing all the photos, I was shaking. All was horrible, different persons, different places... and all of them really scared. But I become terrorized when I noticed something in all the photos: In all the people eye´s, something strange seemed to be reflected when the Photo was token, bu it was so small that I couldn´t know what it was.
- Ricky´s dad, umm, can we conserve this photos? - I said to him
He looked at me like if I was crazy and then he said:
- But, why do you want to conserve them? -
- That´s a really good question - I said, laughing of myself - but I think I have to investigate something about all this... -
- Well, in that case, it´s ok. But don´t loose them, ok? They are so valuable... - said Ricky´s dad, surprised
- I will take care of them, I promise - I said
He gave us all the photos and we went out of the Police Office. It was even more cloudy now.
- Why do you want all those photos, Jerry? What do you want to do with them? - said Ricky
- I saw something in all the people´s eyes in the photos and I think that it is something important -
- Ok, so, where do you want to go now? -
- I can´t really see what are those things at the eyes, because they are really small... so, I think that we have to go to the Science Shop -
- The Science Shop? But why? -
- Doesn´t seems obvious? There can we find something that can help us to zoom out and see better what is in the eyes! - 
- Oh... yes, Ok. Let´s go -
We walked to the Science Shop. It was really near of the Police Office. When we arrived, we began searching something that could help us. I soon found a magnifying glass.
- Ricky, I found something! - I screamed, but soon one of the workers that where there said me to don´t do that again.
When Ricky came, I showed him the Magnifying glass. When we verified that no one was seeing us, we toke out Mr. Carl´s Photo and lay it in a desk. I approached the magnifying glass to the photo. We where terrorized.
In the eyes appeared the same man I saw at the School´s Parking lot and the one that Ricky and I saw at the street, in position of taking a photo. Ricky and I couldn´t move, until I said, shaking:
- He is the one that takes the photos -
Ricky looked at me, scared.
- But, why Mr. Carl? Why all those people? - Ricky said
- Don´t you understand, Ricky? All this has a relation... including the photo that was in the Brown Pack. We found it in Mr. Carl´s office, so it is probably that he saw it before he dead. -
I think Ricky began to understand, because I saw that he began to turn his face completely scared.
- Don´t you remember that movie, where you saw a Video and you die 7 days after? -
- "The Ring"? - Ricky asked
- Yes, that one. From something they got the idea of that movie... or not? - I asked
- What are you trying to explain? -
- It´s really probable that Mr. Carl saw the photo, and all those people in the photos too. -
- So, are you saying that everyone that sees the photo in the Brown Pack dies by the man when he takes the person... a photo?
- Yes... -
- But... we saw the photo... - said Ricky, completely terrorized - that means that...
I looked at him as terrorized as he was and then I said:
- We are next -
                                                                                                      Made by Je45rry
( Part 8 coming soon )

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