Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Field - Op #27!

Hi! Club Penguin has just released the Field Op #27! Let´s go to EPF Headquarters to talk with G:

We have a clue! After last week´s Field - Op Operation, strange tire tracks where found leaving the Scene.
The hidden tracks led right to the Ski Village. Search there for more enemy signals.

Strange Tire tracks?!? That means that our enemies are trying to use a vehicle? That´s really interesting... Well, let´s go to the Ski Village!

Now, we have to go behind the TOURS advertisment! Here it is! If you can´t move to that place, click the mountain and you will walk there! Can you notice that a forest is just behind? Even more interesting...

Yay! This Field - Op is one of my favorites! Match the symbols in order to get the correct code... Once you complete this Field - Op you will have a new EPF Medal! Good work!

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