Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Rockhopper returns and Holiday Contest!

Hello! Guess what? Rockhopper is coming again to: Coins for Change! Yes! This only happens 1 time in all the year! Once the Holiday Party starts this December 10, Rockhopper is expected to arrive to the Island and began to recollect coins for this great event! All the money that is recolected from this event will be donated to people in need in all the World! You can see Rockhopper´s ship coming through the Telescope at the Lighthouse´s Beacon.

In other news, because Christmas and New Year is coming this month, I have decided to make a Christmas - New Year Contest! ( or Holiday Contest ) In this contest, you have to make a picture - drawing ( it can be by Computer, but if you want to do it manually you can scan it ) that represents to you the real value of Christmas and New Year. This are the points you have to follow:

- It have to be related with Christmas or New Year
- It have to contain images ( obvious, it´s a picture! )
- It can be of Club Penguin
- It have to contain your name in it

When it is ready, save it and then send it to je45rry@hotmail.com I will receive your submissions, and on November 22 I will post the drawings in the blog, and I will make a poll so anyone can vote for what drawing is the best one. The one with most votes win! These are the prizes:

1st Place:
- Your penguin will appear in the Blog
- I will link to your Blog
- Your image will appear forever in a future New Page!
- I will add your blog to my Blogroll ( if not added )
- I will add your Banner in the Banner´s Page forever ( and in the Blog´s Sidebar for 1 week )
- I will send you a Special Card to your penguin e-mail! ( A penguin e-mail is like mine: je45rry@hotmail.com )

2nd Place and up:
- Your penguin will appear in the Blog
- Your image will appear forever in a future New Page!
- I will add your banner in the Banner´s Page forever!
- And because it´s Christmas, I will also send you a Special Card!

Do you like this Prizes? I hope so, but if you think that something could be added just tell me in a comment! Hope that you can participate in this Holiday Contest!

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