Friday, December 17, 2010

Holiday Party is here!

Hello! Guess what? Club Penguin´s Holiday Party has begun! Yay! First go to the Town:

This room is REALLY decorated... at the top of the Night Club you can see Santa´s Sled and the Christmas Tree... Also here you can see one of the many establishments of Coins for Change. :O What´s that new sign in the down left corner? Umm, let´s go to see...

Wow! This is a NEW room! Here we can see the biggest Christmas Tree in the Island... look! There are two ways, one goes to the Town and the other one to the Plaza. Cool! Now let´s go to see the Beach:

Here you can see that all the money that gets recolected from Coins for Change go to the Lighthouse. Oh, see! Rockhopper´s ship! Well, first I will go to the Lighthouse.

how to make a gif

Woah! How much coins! I´m millionaire! lol :D In the Beacon you can see that in the top of the Light bulb says: GOAL This means that our goal is to full all the Lighthouse to that point! Wow! I can´t wait to see how the Lighthouse seems full of coins :D Oh and if you throw a Snowball it will turn into a Coin.

Here is my list of Places I recommend you to visit:

- Town
- Coffee Shop
- Night Club´s Lounge 
- ??? Room
- Lighthouse
- Mountain
- Ski Village ( Free Item! )
- Rockhopper´s Ship
- Snow Forts
- Book Room
- Dock ( New Pin! )
- Santa´s Sled
- Dojo Courtyard

Also, don´t forget to donate for Coins for Change! Merry Christmas!