Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Field - Op #25 and EPF Paycheck!

Hello penguins! Today Club Penguin released the Field - Op #25. First we have to go to talk with G in the E.P.F. Headquarters:

The attacks on the EPF have stopped. Our enemies have gone quiet - thanks to the effort of our agents. 
We must act. Work together to look for any new enemy signals. Search near the ocean - it´s our only clue.

Wow, finally! lol Well, near the Ocean? Maybe the Dock, the Beach, the Iceberg, or... the Cove? Yes, let´s go to the Cove! Here we have to stand in the nearest place to the Ocean ( in the down - right part of the Screen, just aside of the Blue Catalog sign )

Yay! This Field - Op is one of my favorites! You have to match the Signals to their correct order. To do this, first create a list of signals and then follow the indications. Once completed, you will have another EPF Medal!

Also, today the FIRST EVER EPF Paycheck has been done. Remember that when Herbert destroyed the PSA we stopped receiving Agent Paychecks? Now, finally we are receiving again and of $350! $100 more than PSA paychecks! Thanks! Also, they are secret codes in this Paycheck. If you point with your mouse up of the date, a secret code will appear... It says: From the office of the Director You can know it following the Tick - Tack Toe code. Also, there is another secret code at the down part of the card. It says: Elite Penguin Force Cool! See you later! Photos Part 7 coming soon!


    I like how the EPF uses the old Tic Tac Toe code from the PSA, don't you Je45rry?

  2. How did you get the snowflakes on your blog? Please tell me.

  3. Of course! I just searched in Google: "Snowflakes effect for your blog", then I clicked one of the options!