Monday, December 27, 2010

Club Penguin's Schedule!

Hello penguins! Guess what? Thanks to Loulou11207 and Mimo777, we have got a Special Exclusive Sneak Peek of what's coming til' June! It is a schedule created by a worker of the CP Team, maybe Billybob, that shows some of the plans CP wants to make!

If you can't see it well, click the image to enlarge. Awesome, right? Here are some plans I found that could be new.

  • Help station
  • System Defender
  • Strategist Class
  • Puffle Collision Course
  • Stamps for Pizzatron
  • iPhone's Mobile Server
  • Card Jitsu Water Expansion Deck
  • New CP Magazine
  • Stamps for Treasure Hunt
  • Stealth Class
  • Stamps for Ice Fishing
  • Global New Members Outyard Community
  • Big EPF Launch
  • Rockhopper Igloo Contest
  • EPF Deck
  • Board Game
Remember that this are only possible things that could happen, it isn't 100% guaranteed. In other news, for those that read my Template Problems! post, don't worry, I have already repaired the problem, the only thing is that the old header is back. Thanks and see you later!

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