Thursday, December 30, 2010

Reviewed by You, New Year!

Hello! Billybob has just posted in the CP Blog the Reviewed by You of this week. Last week's question was, Which Coins for Change cause you donated for? Bumba1 was selected! Here is what he/she said.

I donate to all of the causes because some people aren't as fortunate as us and I really want to make a difference. I saw what Club Penguin did last year for the kids in Haiti and I wanted to make more people happy this year. If we build shelter, people will be warmer and safer. If we donate towards saving our forests, we can save so many animal species! If we provide medical help, we can be a healthier world. I hope everyone thinks about how they are helping the less fortunate when they donate to Coins for Change. Happy holidays!

Really nice answer, Bumba1! Now, Billybob has another question for us, What are you looking forward to in the New Year? If your answer is selected, your Penguin will receive $10,000! In other news, remember to vote in the CPI Stories, you decide! post if you haven't already. Thanks and see you later!

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