Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Field - Op #26!

Hi Penguins! Club Penguin has just released the Field - Op #26! First we have to go with G. Here is what he says:

The signal we decoded last week said, "Our Plan is working! Get the parts from the Booth!"
We must investigate. Work together to look for this "booth" and repair any damage you find"

Ummm, this worries me... did you noticed how it said: "OUR plan is working"?!?  It means that there s more than 1 enemy... that´s strange! In the first Field - Op that represented these Attacks G said that he suspected that it may not be Herbert the responsible... so, who is trying to attack us? Well, a Booth? Yes, I know where it is!

At the Plaza, obviously! Here you can see the Booth of the Stage. Enter it and your Phone will start to ring... if you can´t enter the Booth because there are penguins, click above it!

Well, I think that you already know what to do in this Field - Op lol :D Once you finish it you will have earned another E.P.F. Medal! Good work! Also, in other news, are you liking the "Holiday Contest" that I am organizing? Send a comment if you are going to participate! Thanks and see you later!

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