Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Photos ( Final Part! )

- It´s a story really sad and painful... - she said - but, if you want, I can tell you -
- Yes, please tell us -
The old lady saw me, and I could recognize sadness in her eyes.
- It was August 28, 1995. My daughter, Melissa, went out with his father ( my husband, Henry ) to bought a new camera for her. When they finally bought the camera, they decided to came back to the house. In the way, Henry decided to stop in a restaurant to go to the Bathroom. He... - the old lady made a pause - left Melissa alone while he was there. When he went out, he didn´t saw Melissa...
- What happened next? - I asked
- He got out of the Restaurant, and then he saw a black car going to a fast velocity to another street. He toke a Bicycle that was there, and he went to follow the car. Suddenly, the car went even more faster and Henry lost it. He searched in all the streets, asking every person that he founded there, trying to find Melissa. Hours passed, and he finally arrived here, at 14th May Street. He saw the black car that toke Melissa parked there, and he ran to search her. He entered the alley that you saw here - she pointed to a dark alley between two stores that where there - and he saw something horrible...
- What thing? - Ricky asked
The old lady saw Ricky with a face of complete sadness, and then she said to him:
- What do you think he saw, boy? -
- Oh, I´m sorry to hear that... -
- The thing is - continued the old lady - that he found something else -
- What? - I asked
- A photo -
Ricky and I couldn´t talk. Couldn´t move.
- A photo, in which appeared my Melissa... - said the old lady, shaking - dead - she said in a low voice. - When the police and the ambulances arrived, they toke Melissa, but Henry conserved the photo. I saw him all days looking it, crying a little. Until, he didn´t resist anymore... I have to go, guys, it´s colder now... - she said, trying to change of subject.
- Will we have the pleasure of meet you again? - I asked her
- With a little of luck, I hope so - she said to me
- Only one more question, what´s your name? - Ricky asked the old lady.
- Jennifer Stakletop - She turned around, and he went.
Ricky and I where alone. I turned my head to the alley, and I said to Ricky:
- Should we have to enter? -
- Enter? Are you crazy?!? -
- But, why not? - I asked him
Suddenly, Ricky didn´t move. He pointed with his finger behind me, terrorized
- Jerry!!! -
I turned around.
The man was standing just behind me.
He observed me a few seconds. I didn´t move, until he said:
- Nice to meet you again... do you want me to take a photo of you and your friend? -
I screamed of terror, and, by instinct, Ricky and I ran to the alley, without knowing what to do. Then, I remembered everything.
<< Mr. Carl is dead! >>
<< Many people have sent many photos like that one here, to the Police Office. It´s really strange that when the police goes to investigate, results that the same person that is dead is the same person that appears in the photo.>>
<< He is the one that takes the photos >>
<< He is already trying to... kill us... >>
<< She, died at age of 15... >>
<< My daughter, Melissa, went out with his father ( my husband, Henry ) to bought a new camera for her. >>
<< He entered the alley that you saw here, and he saw something horrible... >>
<< He found something else >>
<< A photo, in which appeared my Melissa... dead >>
<< He didn´t resist anymore... >>
In that moment I understand everything.
Ricky and I continued running until we saw that the alley didn´t have exit.
We where trapped. I could see the man´s shadow in the walls, moving to us.
- Who is that man, Jerry?!? What do he wants?!?? -
I didn´t say nothing for a few seconds, until I turned my head to Ricky and said:
- Ricky, that man is Melissa´s father, Henry! -
- Melissa´s father?!? What makes you think that?!? -
- Don´t you understand? His daughter was killed, and he conserved the photo he found here! He couldn´t resist seeing it, and he died!
- So, are you saying that... -
- The photo we founded in the Brown Pack is the same photo that Henry found! He died by a photo, and now he kills by a photo! He is not alive! He´s searching vengeance! -
In that moment, Henry arrived where Ricky and I where.
At the end of a dark alley in New Jersey.
Henry touched the camera he was carrying.
- No, please no!!! - I said, in panic
He toked the camera up, and then he said:
- Smile to the camera -
Then Ricky made something I never thought.
He rushed to Henry, making him fall, and the camera felled to the floor.
- Take it, Jerry! Take it! -screamed Ricky
I immediately approached to the camera, and I toked it.
I could read that in the camera was written:
Melissa Stakletop.
The man finally escaped from Ricky, and he pushed him to the floor.
- Ricky! Come here! -
Ricky immediately ran behind of me, and then I said to Henry:
- Smile to the camera -
And I pressed the button.
The flash most bright I had never seen in my life was released from the camera.
Ricky and I could hear how Henry, husband of Jennifer Stakletop and father of Melissa Stakletop, screamed of horror.
Then the light disappeared. We couldn´t see Henry anywhere.
- Jerry, we beat it? All has finished? - said Ricky, excited
I saw something on the floor. A photo.
I walked to it, and I turned it around. But what I saw in it didn´t caused me panic.
In the photo was the same girl that in the one that was in the Brown Pack, Melissa, with his father, Henry, smiling happily.
- He finally rests in peace, Ricky -
We walked out of the alley, and we went to the hotel to sleep, happy and smiling.
The next morning, we returned back to Washington, our home, and we founded some classmates in a street.
- Jerry, Ricky! What a surprise to found you both here! - said David, one of the classmates
- Hi, David! - I said
- Hey Ricky and Jerry, do you want to appear in a photo we are going to include in our School album? -
I saw Ricky with a surprised face, and then I said to David:
- No thanks... well, we have to go -
- Ok. See you in school! - said David
When we just turned around, I heard how David pressed the button of his camera. Ricky and I walked as fast as possible to our houses, feared.
Meanwhile, with David:
- Curious... -
- What happens, David? - said Danny, another classmate that was there.
- Why does Jerry and Ricky appear blurry? -
Photos was created and written by Je45rry. This story has been registered and it is protected.

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