Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Puffle Launch: Tips and Tricks!

Hello everyone! How are you today? Club Penguin has released the really cool new game already. It's name: Puffle Launch! It is located at the renovated Pet Shop. If you enter the Pet Shop, you will se a type of cannon in the right side of the shop. Click it to begin playing! You will have to choose one of your own puffles to play the game. Once you choose one, the levels will appear at the screen. If you haven't played this game already, please read this tips and tricks about the game:

- Choose the First Level ( the only one unlocked by the moment, the other levels will get unlocked as you continue playing )
- Blue Cannons send your puffle inmediatly to the next cannon.
- Green Cannons change direction, stopping like 2 seconds in each one. Once it is on the direction you want to go, click the Spacebar. You have to do this quickly.
- Red Cannons change direction, but they doesn't stop. Hit the Spacebar just in time it is on the direction you want to go.
- Yellow Cannons are checkpoints. If your puffle lands in the water, you will begin form the last Checkpoint you passed by.  
- Follow the Puffle o's like a guide to where to go. Try to collect every single Puffle o's.
- If you hit the Spacebar in the wrong time ( in a green cannon ) your Puffle could get out of the way and land in the Water.
- Follow the paths until you get to the BIG Puffle O's. Once you touch it the level will end.
- You can use your arrow keys to move your puffle once it is in the air.
- At the end of the level, the number of Puffle O's will be counted, and depending on the number, you will win a different Puffle O's Medal.
- You will find obstacles in the way. Try to avoid them, though you can bounce in some abostacles.
- In the right - up corner of the screen a Puffle O's will appear telling you how much Puffle O's you have colected.
- Some Puffle O's are hidden in places hard to find. Try to explore every single direction a Green Cannon shows you.
- Once you finish certain amount of levels, you will be building a cannon for yourself!
- You can earn stamps in this game. Try to collect them all!

In my opinion, this game is one of the best ones in all Club Penguin since I started playing it. What do you think about it? Do you think it could improve something? Or do you have any question to ask me about the game? Send a comment with your opinion! Thanks and see you later!


  1. You need to update your all about puffles page for the Brown Puffle.

  2. Yeah, I will update it soon. Thanks :)

  3. Thanks for telling us, JE45ERRY!

  4. I love puffle launch the only thing they could do to change it is if you spend alot of time on one level it should come up with a choice to skip the level.
    Apart from that i love it

  5. how do u get the last one above the purple cannon i cant get it and i cant find any info either

  6. If you are having problems with that, there should be a special cannon hidden near there. Try to find a cannon that seems useless, and try to find it an use. It should help you to get special O's! :D