Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Exclusive: Card - Jitsu Snow!

Hello everyone! How are you today? I'm very good, thanks! As you may know, with the pass of time, Sensei has brought us some new special Dojos ( each one with their own Card - Jitsu Game ) The first one taked place with the activation of the Volcano, to bring Card - Jitsu Fire. Later, ( 1 year later ) taked place the 1st Rain ever in Club Penguin Island, to bring Card - Jitsu Water in the Waterfall. Many penguins have been wondering when will appear Card - Jitsu Snow, the third of the Club Penguin elements. But today, while I was searching in the Web, I saw an image  from my friend Saraapril, showing up an Image of a new product of Card - Jitsu Snow cards! Yes! And also in Saraapril's post said that Card - Jitsu Snow will start this year, in November. So I had an idea in that moment, making some research to find out more about this future Card - Jitsu! So, in this post, I will talk about some of the things you need to know about Card - Jitsu Snow. Just remember that they are not 100% guarantee to be right, or to happen.

- The Location

As you may know, each Dojo has a different location. As I already said, the Dojo of Fire locates at the Volcano, and the Dojo of Water in the Waterfall. So, where could be most probably for the Dojo of Snow to be located? Well, as you can see in the Image, ( click to enlarge ) each Dojo location has to be seen from the Dojo Courtyard. Also, each dojo is related with its element, because the Volcano has fire and lava, the Waterfall has water, but  what thing in there is related to Snow? Well, almost everything is covered by Snow! But there's one thing that is more relevant than the others: the Mountain! It has snow in its top, so the most probable thing that may happen is that the Dojo of Snow ( for Card - Jitsu Snow ) may be in the Mountain! ( probably inside, as all the other Dojos )

- The Outfit

Oh, I think that you already noticed the Exclusive Card - Jitsu Snow outfit I made, right? I lasted like 1 hour and 30 minutes making it. And if you can observe very carefully to the details, I made this Image modifying an original Card - Jitsu Water outfit. Well, to start, I changed the colors of blue to grey and white, because they symbolize snow. Then I added some snow flakes images from Club Penguin, and finally added my "Je45rry" marks to show that I am the owner of the Image. As you can see, it has the same design - system of other card - jitsu outfits ( each Card - Jitsu Element has its own outfit and power ), like the element's symbol. Remember that this is'nt the real Card - Jitsu Snow outfit that will appear in Club Penguin, it was made by me with by how I imagine it. Do you like it? Remember that if you want to post it in your blog you have to give me credit about it, ok? ( And ask me for permission )

Those are some exclusives that I have for Card Jitsu - Snow. Remember that this post is always in risk to be changed, because nothing is 100% sure. They are only ideas from me that could me possible, but also could be not. Remember that Club Penguin is always disposed to change some things, so be careful. Also, if you want to post any image in this post in your website, ask me for permission and then give me credit, please. Later I will update this post with more information,so please keep visiting the blog for more awesome and incredible info about Card Jitsu and Club Penguin! Thanks for reading this, please comment with your opinion and see you later in Club Penguin Island! :D


  1. Hey I'm Rockingyaz I invented card jitsu an I'm serious! One day a few years ago, I had an idea of card jitsu snow. Emailed club penguin and they said it was a great idea and would tell the staff about it. A few days later I got an email saying thanks for the idea I get credit and 50,000 coins this is not fake. When I heard about the news before anyone else, I told everyone about it. They didn't believe me. But now everyone will apologized this is true I really did invented.

    1. you couldn't of, card-jitsu came out with club penguin, so how?

  2. Are you serious? Because if what you are telling me is true, then Congratulations! But, how could you told them about that few years ago, if Card - Jitsu Snow isn't out yet? But, I repeat, if you really did that, then you did a great job.